No complaints about shocking scenes Koolhoven

Martin Koolhoven

It includes scenes from spaghetti westerns and horror films. NICAM has the past half year already a number of times by commercial broadcasters experimented with this more relaxed policy. Director Tiffany of Stormbroek suggested earlier in a note that the Ratings, which, since 2001, the best may be adapted to the changing media landscape, in which people determine for themselves where and when they watch something.

A condition for the dispensation that a number of programs now have had, is that for the program in more detail are warned that there is, for example, violent images in the film. Also, the warning icons a few times extra in the picture.


Of Stormbroek wants a few months to definitively evaluate how the pilot is progressing. Possible is the than default that, under certain conditions, 16-plus programs earlier in the evening allowed to be broadcast.

The last show of The Look of Koolhoven’s Friday night and it’s about erotica.

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