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NBA. Golden State Warriors get a suit for the pants in your own house

Oklahoma City Thunder last Thursday, his seventh victory in a row booked in the North American professional basketcompetitie (NBA). In own house OKC with 98-80 of Houston, as three of last remains in the Western Conference. Oklahoma City Thunder is after a poor start to the season, meanwhile, moved up to fourth place.

For the home team, who still can’t count on sterkhouder Russell Westbrook, Paul George giant with twenty points and eleven rebounds. At Houston Rockets showed MVP James Harden nineteen points to note, like Steven Adams on the other side.

The Boston Celtics went with 109-116 win a visit by the Phoenix Suns. Kyrie Irving had 39 points an important share in that victory. For the Celtics, it was the first victory after two defeats in a row. In the Eastern Conference, the titelfavoriet with eleven races on the counter on the third place.

Golden State Warriors suffered a surprising thuisnederlaag against Milwaukee, after a series of eight victories in a row. The dual title holder went in house with 111-134 heavy bottom. Despite the second defeat of the season to keep the Warriors to the lead in the Western Conference.

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