’More noise on The Vijverberg than at Wembley’

’More noise on The Vijverberg than at Wembley’

Mark van Bommel at Wembley

Maxi Romero makes his comeback in the clash of the Locals. The Argentine topaankoop troubles since coming to Eindhoven in January with various injuries. The past few weeks, he built wedstrijdritme on to the promises of PSV, inter alia, in the Kitchen Champion Division.

Next step

“This is a next step for him,” says Van Bommel about the man of more than ten million euros. This season played Romero only in the first league game against FC Utrecht is ten minutes.

PSV is unscathed from the battle with Tottenham Hotspur to come. Lost Tuesday the leader of the Eredivisie with a 2-1 in London. “From Wembley to The Vijverberg. I think that there is more noise than at Wembley, outside of our own supporters,” said Van Bommel.


“The County will make use of the public and there is a real vechtwedstrijd. Like other teams do that too. So it should be, also.”

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