Mind-blowing choices in the last Battles of The Voice Kids

Friday, november 9, battelen the candidates one last time against each other in The Voice Kids, last week, good for 839.000 fans and 33.3% market share (VVA 18-54). The competition is in this final Battle-episode in focus, with 6 tickets for the semi-finals to divide. The coaches cut down the last buttons, and this is especially for Laura Tesoro. They may have 2 semi-finalists will take, and that choice is her huge heavy…

Marylis (14, Wijnegem), Noor (14, Bree) and Hanne (12, Stabroek) of team Laura may be the first battle-ring to enter. They do that with Cut Loose by Emma Bale. Emma, who not so long ago, himself participated in the Battles of The Voice Kids, as no other, knows where the candidates stand. Laura turns her so in as verrassingsgast, so she can have her best tips to share.

For her second battle put Laura Ricardo (13, Sint-Niklaas), Eva (14, Tongeren) and Charlotte (14, Dilsen-Stokkem). They brought out a ballad during their audition and dispose of according to Laura about the talent to be a lot of emotion in a song. That they need during their battle to prove with the catchy ” Praying of Kesha. During the workshop, Laura emotionally and the kids time and time again the sky-high notes effortlessly. “This is just a different level”, it complements them. After their performance, she has also hulpcoach Wouter necessary because they really can’t choose. “How can I get in hell to choose between these three? They do things I think: are this kids?”

Billy (14, Sint-Denijs-Westem) for team Sean male versus female violence of Karry (14, Borgerhout) and Lisa (14, Adinkerke). “You have all three wayward votes, which according to me will be blending it,” says their coach. Bells of votes they have already, but can Sean them to the dance? He has, after all, for the infectious Ain’t Nobody by Chaka Khan…

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