Michelle and Barack Obama followed occasionally couples therapy

The former First Lady Michelle Obama is counting in her memoirs with the American president Donald Trump, the successor of her husband, Barack Obama. She will also admit that they as a couple occasionally sought help and speaks for the first time about ivf and her miscarriages.

Michelle Obama remains popular in the United States, and certainly to the Democrats. Some hoped that they by the year 2020 would record against Trump. Obama has, however, been repeatedly made it clear that no candidate will allow.

Also in ‘Becoming’, in its 426-page biography that Tuesday appears, she repeats that she will not come up. “I’m never a fan of politics and my experiences of the last decade, it has changed very little. The meanness of the political punch me’, says Obama.


The former first lady also states that they are the Trump will never forgive that he is openly in question or her husband is indeed a Us citizen. ‘Those remarks were disturbed and in common. Bigotry and xenophobia is not to ignore, ” said Obama in an interview that the ABC network on Friday aired.

“What if an unstable person with the gun will load and go to Washington. What if in seeking our girls? Donald Trump brought with his reckless accusations my whole family in danger. I will never forgive,’ ” said Obama.

Obama also reveals what she thought of Trump’s election on november 8, 2016. She was surprised that so many women preferred a vrouwenhater above a particularly qualified candidate. She had tried to make the election of Trump from her thoughts to displace.


Also the Washington Post and CNN reported in advance about the biography. Obama talks about other things, such as marital problems and huwelijksadvies. She admits that she and Barack go to a advanced training in relational matters went. They learned “how they problems were able to finish,” says Michelle.

The first black First Lady has about her miscarriage. “I felt lost and alone. I felt failed because I did not know that abortions often occur. We are talking after all about.’

The couple had the following years many problems to become pregnant. She explains that she and her husband have fertility treatments received for their daughters, Sasha and Malia, to raise up. Their daughters are now 17 and 20 years old. “I realized that our ivf had to focus, I was after all 34 years,” said Obama.

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