Merkel warns of growing anti-semitism created an

BERLIN – German chancellor Angela Merkel has warned of increasing Hatred in Germany. They want that there is resolute action against racism, xenophobia and exclusion. Merkel spoke Friday during the commemoration of the Kristallnacht, which eighty years ago.

“In Germany, is again a thriving Jewish community,” said Merkel. “But at the same time, we are witnessing a worrying anti-semitism that the Jewish life in our country and in other deemed safe parts of the world threatens.”

In particular, they call the attack in August on a jewish restaurant in Chemnitz. At protests in the Eastern German city threw nazis stones, bottles and a piece of steel pipe to the restaurant. Merkel says that the attack was reminiscent of the beginning of the Persecution of the jews in the thirties.

During the Kristallnacht on 9 and 10 november 1938 throughout Germany, Jews and their property attacked. An estimated 7500 shops and businesses, 1400 synagogues and other buildings suffered.

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