Martens: ’Orange parade? Think you’

Lieke Martens will share a signature after the end of a training session of the Orange-women.

“Do you think that,” laughs the sterspeelster of the Dutch national team, that Friday night in Utrecht, the heenduel in the play-offs with Switzerland trains. “We must not think about it. Let’s start with a good starting position drop for next week. The zero hold and hopefully we will make even one or two. That is important now.”

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And then Orange the job next week to finish, because for Martens is sure to be a blamage as the reigning European champion is not for the world cup qualifies. “Of course, that also lives in the group”, says the aanvalster, who knows that the pressure is at its greatest, but there she enjoys. “I think it is nice to play matches where the pressure is on.”

Mature enough

The phenomenon of ’pressure’ is something where the selection of Wiegman’s not the first time to a large extent. In that regard, says Martens, these women used to important matches to play. “The team is in any case the pressure used. We are all mature enough. Everyone knows what it is to have play-offs to play, and many players have experience in the Champions League – and home games. This duel is very important.”

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