Maria Goos and Marcel Musters make Smoeder II

Marcel Musters.

Goos and Musters made in 2004, a vertelvoorstelling about their Brabant mothers, following the death of the mother of Musters. In the presentation they told about the lives and what role their parents were in had played. They played the piece more than a hundred times, and drew full houses.

In Smoeder II – 15 years later, they look back again at the lives of their mothers, with the knowledge that they have for the past fifteen years have garnered. “We have lost, We have won”, they write. “We’re still alive. We play yet. We write yet. We still have love. What has the last fifteen years done to us?”

The piece is 23 march in premiere in Theater Bellevue. Of Goos will take place on Friday the new piece We are here for Robbie premiere in the upcoming months in the Netherlands is played.

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