Lord of the Rings-actor says sorry for ’n-word’

Viggo Mortensen

“I will never use again”, stresses Mortensen. He used the word in an explanation of racism in the US. “Nobody uses the word ‘nigger’ more,” said the actor. The sentence was in a tweet is repeated by a journalist when the meeting was. The quote led to a lot of fuss on social media.


Mortensen puts in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter that he is the controversial word is only used in an explanation about the climate and use of words in 1962, the year in which the film takes place. “I had no evil intent and have me at the meeting to speak up against racism,” says the actor with a clamp. “But I have not even the right to me to try to imagine how fraught the word for a lot of people, even in this context, certainly from the mouth of a white man.”

The star stresses the word in daily life never to use. “I’m very sorry that I, even in this context, have used. And that will never happen again.” Morten is a political activist: he supports all years of liberal, Democratic candidates. Green Book is the beginning of 2019 in the Dutch cinemas.

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