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Lewis Hamilton is not in favour of expanding F1 calendar

F1 champion Lewis Hamilton is not a great advocate of a further extension of the F1 calendar.

The F1 calendar 2019 counts as this season’s 21 races. The last race is next year only in december and held it from 1963 ago that an F1 season is still so late on the year ended.

In addition to that Liberty Media in the past has indicate that the F1 calendar would like to continue to expand. Miami, Vietnam, the Netherlands, all of these races in the coming years on the F1 calendar will or can appear. In addition, there are several well-established values which the contract extended.

It should be clear that the F1 calendar threatens to crowded to get and that is, according to Lewis Hamilton is not a good thing, both for the riders as well as the staff and the fans.

“It feels now as if we were in the 25th race of the season to sit. I personally think that a good idea is to get the calendar to expand,” said Hamilton, as opposed to ‘Reuters’. “I think 18 races in the past, the best number was.”

“I am a person who is truly of the race but the season is too long. It requires a lot of dedication and time from all of us, away from the family. The seasons are getting longer and free time is getting shorter.”

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