Judge for yourself: the ’Scattered images by White House manipulated’

Washington – In the ongoing battle between Trump and the American media is again a new point is reached. Images provided by the White House were dispersed, with the leading role for CNN journalist Jim Acosta, would have been manipulated.

The trainee of the White House try to use the microphone of CNN reporter Jim Acosta to get it, while he still questions trying to propose to president Trump.

That report American media. The White House pulled Thursday the press card of the CNN reporter. Perswoordvoerster Sarah Huckabee Sanders accuses Acosta of it “a young woman who has just her work, trying to do as an intern of the White House” with his hands to have touched.

Sanders, posted Thursday a video of ’the touch’ on Twitter. This image seems to be now edited, in the disadvantage of Acosta. Via Twitter distributed video also has no audio, which makes it according to the videodeskundige easier to manipulate images.

Acosta says, in turn, that Sanders is lying. So would his press card only withdrawn because Donald Trump are questions not want to answer.

Independent expert Abba Shapiro, commissioned by news agency AP, all the images surrounding the incident investigated. It soon became clear that in the images that the White House spread, the arm movement of Acosta was accelerated and the rest of the video is delayed. So reports the bbc news.

A president of the association for videojournalisten and photographers in the White House called the alleged manipulation of the images “deceptive, dangerous and not ethical”. If it actually is the manipulated images appear to be, the White House is guilty of something that they understand Acosta of blame, namely the spread of ’Fake News’.

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