Jordania: “Why still no green light?

Kakhi Jordania

At the beginning of August, a month before the transferwindow, Jordania, jun., all of the pieces provided that the football association wanted to have. Now, seven weeks before the next transfer, he has even no assurance that he is the full owner may call from FC Den Bosch.

His club has faster than expected in the top of the Kitchen Champion Division nestled and he thinks even bigger steps to be able to convert in the future. But for that, the green light of the KNVB necessary. In Zeist is decided that a forensic audit done to make sure what the origin of the already invested money.

Jordania jr. shows the name of Roda JC did not fall, but it is clear that the young businessman and his acquisition of FC Den Bosch is totally different than the previous acquisition of shares by Aleksei Korotaev.

“From the beginning, I have the man of the KNVB all of the pieces provided, that they wanted to have. All the information is available, and I had hoped that the already completed,” says the Jordania, who earns in the oil industry in Russia.

Jordania is so on all fronts already involved in the development of FC Den Bosch, he of more impulses provides the supply of new players. He wants the old public in the city to recover. Voetbalminnend Den Bosch runs tonight for the cracker against FC Twente. He is also present.

“I have listened to the people of the club and I have a good idea of what is possible with FC Den Bosch”, says Jodania. He responsible investments do and don’t rush millions in the club, pumps. Also he therefore hoped that the KNVB into opportunities think and no barriers will remain raise.

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