Jean-Pierre Van Rossem was sentenced to 2 years in prison for tax fraud

The Brussels criminal court has ex-beursgoeroe Jean-Pierre Van Rossem today sentenced to an effective term of imprisonment of 2 years. He was found guilty of forgery, money laundering, tax evasion and scams. The now 73-year-old Van Rossem also received a fine of $ 12,000 imposed, and the court also stated 390,000 euros forfeited. His girlfriend was also served and was sentenced to 1 years in prison with deferment and a fine. Against her was a forfeiture of 273.000 euros pronounced.

The investigation into Van Rossem started in 2010 when the antiwitwascel suspicious transactions noticed in the account Of Rossems former Russian girlfriend, his son and his company. It went to cash deposits of significant amounts, although divided into small disks, and once the money is deposited, the cash collected, often in foreign currency.

Further investigation revealed that Van Rossem, who is officially only a small retired, and his partner, there is an expensive lifestyle on nahielden. So, there was a luxurious traveling abroad. The pair was in Belgium, a villa and expensive cars bought and ate in michelin star restaurants. All invoices were always paid in cash.

The public prosecutor was convinced that the money has no legal origin and suspected that Van Rossem still hid from his old Moneytron system. Thus he had in the 80’s with billions of euros collected from wealthy investors, who he large profits modeled. The money was versluisd to Swiss accounts and ended up in the criminal circuit. Van Rossem got five years in prison for, but the money was never recovered.

According to Of Rossems lawyer could be the public prosecutor’s office despite years of research, all the presumptions are not hard to make. The court has now over ruled

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