Jamai has a new kidney

Jamai: “There was in a hurry. I had extensively tested my body a transplantation can handle, that goes from vascular to botonderzoek, but also all potential donors had to be examined. Both physically and mentally. There was a match with my brother-in-law and took it the green light for the transplant”

Jamai is last months quite a weight. The is-according to the artist, in particular, by loss of moisture. “That saves a truly enormous and the period prior to the transplant, I have a heavy diet followed. And I’m now well on my diet.”

Jamai has very much meaning to get back to work. So he takes the soon the thread again during the live shows of The Voice of Holland. “Mentally, I would the marathon be able to walk, but it is perhaps wise to first for a walk through the Vondelpark to run. I can’t make the concert an hour and a half, but I can again occur. There are, fortunately, all performances are scheduled and in January I go again The Voice.”

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