‘Ill-conceived return to Syria creates fertile ground for Islamic State 2.0’

The ngo for development co-operation 11.11.11. warns in a new report, the Long Road to Return for the risks of the too early return of Syrian refugees in Lebanon reside. The situation in Syria is far from safe for returning refugees, what it sounds like.

The past few months was the pressure on Syrian refugees in Lebanon to return to Syria, sensitive performed. In July 2018 proposed to Russia a large-scale return programme, with 1.7 million Syrians in the short term should return. The Russian government is looking for express European support for this program, and demands that the EU unconditionally contributes to the reconstruction of Syria.

According to 11.11.11. there are currently, however, insufficient guarantees for the physical and material security of the Syrians who have to return. So threaten millions of Syrians permanently expropriated by a series of new laws, including the notorious Law No 10.

At the same time, the situation of the Syrians in Lebanese camps stay the more dramatic, and that while the aid is diminishing because of fatigue of the donors’. That also applies to Belgium, whose financial contribution to help Lebanon between 2015 and 2018 decreased by 52 percent.

11.11.11 urges the EU to only to cooperate with the Russian return programmes if it can guarantee that the refugees in the safe and voluntary return. In addition, the EU should according to the ngo efforts to the humanitarian situation of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon to improve. And finally, the European Union and individual member states show a willingness to burden-share, more refugees resettling outside of Lebanon, 11.11.11.

‘Ill-conceived return and a blank cheque for reconstruction contribute only to more instability and create fertile ground for the emergence of an Islamic State 2.0’, concludes Bogdan Vanden Berghe of 11.11.11.

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