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How real estate agent Zahavi Mouscron checked and the prof league, that knew

Football Leaks

Royal Excel Mouscron maintains that agent Pini Zahavi has no influence on the club. But from documents of Football Leaks show that Zahavi in 2016 there certainly is the strong man. Officially, however, this was not the case, and so he got the club a license.

How real estate agent Zahavi Mouscron checked and the prof league, that knew

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Football Leaks

Rhonald Blommestijn

Royal Excel Mouscron maintains that agent Pini Zahavi has no influence on the club. But from documents of Football Leaks show that Zahavi in 2016 there certainly is the strong man. Officially, however, this was not the case, and so he got the club a license.

How real estate agent Zahavi Mouscron checked and the prof league, that knew

Who is who?

Pierre François

Ceo of the Pro League, the association representing the interests of the 24 Belgian professional football clubs represent.

Previously worked at Standard Liege and at White Star Brussels.

He is part of the panel of experts of the Pro League that a code of conduct for professional clubs must establish, inter alia, about their dealings with brokers.

Vadim Vasilyev

Russian vice-president of AS Monaco. He is responsible for the development of the club.

Pini Zahavi

Israeli ex-journalist and supermakelaar. Played a key role in the acquisition of Chelsea by Roman Abramovitsj. Is the agent of players like Neymar and Lewandowski. (me)

Our journalist Mark Eeckhaut

in cooperation with Eic

Brussels ‘It seems clear to me that RE Mouscron, such as the structure of the club, there today looks like, again, problems will have to have a license to get. (…) It seems to me obvious that it is worth the effort to about a possible sale to speak. But I can only recommend to those conversations directly with P. Z. to enter it, instead of with intermediaries. You have good relations with him and that should allow you right on the target.

It Was signed Pierre François, ceo of the Belgian Pro League, in an e-mail Thursday, 29 september 2016 to Vadim Vasilyev, the vice-president of AS Monaco, and to his right, the Belgian Filips Dhondt. Vasilyev is the confidant of Dmitry Rybolovlev, the billionaire behind AS Monaco.

The e-mail is one of the Football Leaks-documents which the German weekly Der Spiegel got hold of and shared with the European research network of journalists EIC and The Standard.

Pierre François, ceo of the Pro League, knew on 29 september 2016 apparently that Zahavi is the real owner of Mouscron was

About the shadowy ownership of Royal Excel Mouscron and the role of real estate agent Pini Zahavi in the Jupiler League – the highest voetbalklasse – since 2015 is an off battle at the corridor between Asia on the one hand, and almost all Flemish clubs that over the years, with Mouscron in the degradatiestrijd were involved on the other. OH, Leuven, belgium, KVC Westerlo, Sint-Truiden, SK Lommel and last but not least, in the previous football season, KV Mechelen.

Central point of discussion: according to the rules of Fifa and the Belgian licensing committee may brokers no club possess.

Why P. Z.?

At the time Pierre-François-mail to Vasilyev wrote, was AS Monaco for a few months looking for a Belgian satellietclub to allow players to stables. Ultimately, that search for Cercle Brugge lead (DS, 6 november). But on 29 september 2016, the day that François, his e-mail to Vasilyev and Dhondt sent, layers, all options are still open. The slope Mouscron.

Pini Zahavi negotiated in 2016 with AS Monaco over the sale of Mouscron, while he’s officially not a band anymore with the Walloon club

It is a strange mail. François gives Vasilyev and Monaco namely explicit the council to negotiate with P. Z., the man who, according to François on the strings pulls at Mouscron. That P. Z is no less than the Israeli supermakelaar Pini Zahavi. But why says the ceo of the Pro League that AS Monaco will need to negotiate with Zahavi?

Because on the 29th of september 2016, had Zahavi officially nothing more to say at Mouscron. He sold the club already in January of that year. And just because Zahavi officially there is nothing more to say, got Mouscron in the spring of 2016 a license for the season 2016-2017.


The discussion about the role of Zahavi in Mouscron going on since the club in August 2015 in the hands of Gol Football Malta Ltd, Maltese makelaarsvennootschap of Pini Zahavi and his fellow real estate agent Fali according to the ap. Large, rich agents like Zahavi bought in that time clubs so the Fifa ban on Third Party Ownership (TPO) could work.

The current Thai owner of Mouscron, Pairoj Piempongsant, has strong links with Pini Zahavi

TPO came out that a player was the property of the club, but more of a investment fund that to the player via a broker to the club leased. That way I could the clubs for little money players attract that they otherwise could not pay.

But this way, were (often) distressed clubs depending on brokers and was also the risk of matchfixing too large. To the shadowy financial structures behind the system, not to mention. The Fifa grip, therefore, in may 2015, and forbade TPO.

Therefore bought brokers à la Zahavi himself a club. Mouscron was in August of 2015 via Gol Football Malta Ltd the first makelaarsclub in Belgium. But the fairy tale didn’t last long.

The man – with suspicion to Mouscron and Zahavi looked – tightened in december 2015, the conditions for a license to be able to get. Clubs may, from that day no demonstrable links with brokers. The construction that Zahavi and according to the ap in 2015, had been set up with Mouscron, could do so no longer.

In January 2016, wore Zahavi and co. the shares of Gol, for a total of ten euro to Latimer Limited, a Maltese company where Adar Zahavi, the cousin of Pini, the owner, was.

A cosmetic surgery, performed the other clubs, but Mouscron denied. With success, because the Hainault club was in the spring of 2016 with a license. The licensing committee and the appellate BASS (Belgian Court of arbitration for Sport) saw no evidence that Pini Zahavi, the real owner was.

But Pierre François, ceo of the Pro League, knew on september 29, 2016 seems to be better. He advised the prospective buyers from Mouscron to order directly with Zahavi to negotiate. Pini Zahavi, not Adar.

Again license

Vadim Vasilyev and Dhondt did what Pierre François them suggested. They sent an e-mail to Pini Zahavi, and who replied on november 1, 2016.

Day Vadim, I hope that with you everything is all right. As agreed in regards to Mouscron FC, in annex, a summary of our financial contribution in Mouscron. I fly to the headquarters on Thursday. As I am back, I will come to you search. Warm regards, Pini.’

Fourteen days later went Vasilyev and co. on a visit to Mouscron. In an email of 17 november 2016 to Zahavi thank them Pini and his confidant Humberto Paiva for the warm reception which they received. And they took the opportunity to meet Pini Zahavi additional information about the legal, financial, and administrative aspects of the club.

RE Mouscron also got a year later easily a license for the season 2017-2018. The licensing committee and, on appeal, the BAS saw no evidence that Mouscron in the hands of Zahavi sat. To the great frustration of KV Mechelen that were relegated.


Today’s Mouscron in the hands of the company under Irish law, Bogo Limited the Thai businessman Pairoj Piempongsant. The links with Zahavi and according to the ap seem to be weaker but they are still there. Piempongsant is a good business partner of Pini Zahavi. In the emails Pairoj and his son ‘Pete’ with Zahavi exchange, they speak of him by his nickname ‘uncle’. This is evident from Football Leaks. The current sporting director of the Royal Excel Mouscron, Jurgen Röber, is closely linked with the right hand of Zahavi, Fali according to the ap, with whom he late 90’s and worked in Berlin.

Pairoj Piempongsant wants, already half of his shares in Mouscron sell. He has now invested in the Greek club Panathinaikos.

Mouscron dangles, as every year, at the bottom of the Jupiler League. The degradation threatens again. Or will Pini Zahavi and Fali according to the ap during the wintermercato again a look with players as cover?

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