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How Manchester City currency turn out of young footballers

Worldwide dreams boys of it to make it at a top club. Clubs such as Manchester City take advantage of it.

The terms of the bankenwereld: ‘venture capital’, ‘asset management’, ‘an increasing competitive market’. Behind closed doors speaks the English football club Manchester City about young players as if the financial products are. The young people need to have money in the coffers. They are investments that allow the club a certain rate of return wants to achieve.

This is evident from the Football Leaks-documents which the German weekly Der Spiegel got hold of and which have been shared with the European research network EIC and The Standard.

Behind the scouting and recruitment of young players from within and abroad is a sophisticated strategy of Manchester City. It is a strategy that lots of money brings. But they are going to be at the expense of young people who do a lot for the achievement of their voetbaldroom.

In practice, many young players from hot to re-sent and is not at all certain that they ever in the Etihadstadion, the home of Manchester City, will play. Uitleenbeurten to other clubs, according to the ‘City Football Group Development Plan”, a document in which Manchester City and the investment plans for the youth explains, the key to the market value of players increase.

From Ghana to Tubize

The Ghanaian Divine Naah, who a few years ago for the U20 of his country has played, is one of those young people who are at Manchester City as an investment has to be considered. If 18-year-old, he signed a contract with the English club. But he never has for the club are allowed to play in official matches. He was on a four-year period to five clubs in five different European countries on loan.

Some uitleenbeurten the club for him, he did not sit. In one case, wanted to be the trainer him not in the team, and if Naah hardly play. “But I had no choice and was pushed to agree with the uitleenbeurt to that club,” says the attacking midfielder. ‘As a player of Manchester City, I have the most difficult moments of my lifetime.’Today, lives Divine in our country and he plays for resembled Tubize.

So frustrating the time of Naah in Manchester, so lucrative is the trade with young players for Manchester City. In five seasons time, between 2011 and 2016, had Manchester City was 30.8 million pounds (39 million euros in 2016) were issued to 53 young players, among whom a large group of minors. The investment was in the spring of 2016 all of 33.7 million pounds (43 million euros) to pay, among other things, by the sale of players. The estimated future value of the players invested in and which are still at Manchester City under contract, was even on 117.6 million pounds (149 million euro). “The investment in young players is profitable proven’, it sounds in the ‘City Talent Development Plan’.

In pole position to get the best players to get

The club wanted to be in the spring of 2016 is still a higher gear. Attracting and development of young players had to ‘becomes more inventive and more coordinated’.

The club planned to put on a ten-year period between 130 and 140 players to ‘trade’. The goal: with an investment of 48 million pound in ten year’s time, a return of 24 percent to achieve. A part of the plan to achieve that seems to come from the world of the investment banks instead of football clubs: venture capital style investments in the world’s best 16 – to 20-year-olds’.

‘Venture capital’ or ‘venture capital’ actually stores on the financing of promising start-ups where, while a high risk attached to it.

To the best to find, the club has a worldwide network of scouts and ‘ontwikkelingsplatformen’. This includes the Right to Dream Academy, a football academy in Ghana.

There is also Divine Naah between 11 and 18 years trained. He was one of the few elect of its year that an offer received from Manchester City.

Since 2010, invests Manchester City annual one million euro in Right to Dream, as evidenced by the Football Leaks documents. In return, it is the job of the academy to the young people not only a good education and to give shelter, but also to get the students accustomed to the English club so that ‘the ultimate goal of each player is to Manchester City to represent’. Manchester City sit in pole position to be the best to bind.

Right to Dream emphasises in a response that no one is forced to make a decision about his own future…. ‘Not a single graduate was ever stopped in to go to another club.’

Manchester City was not prepared to ask of the research network EIC to respond.

From morning message to The Standard in a series of articles about how football clubs manage to use the voetbaldromen of guys from all over the world to convert to cash. And what finally is left of their dreams.

Read tomorrow the story of Divine Naah and other young people of the Right to Dream Academy in DS Weekblad.

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