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Hidden messages in the Bitcoin Blockchain – How does it work?

The Blockchain technology is the core of Bitcoin as a Public Ledger where all the transactions are broken down, is known. That these contain hidden messages, too. But how would you find such articles? How can you write such messages themselves?

Read messages

The Blockchain can be more than Bitcoin, is known. As you also know, Satoshi Nakamoto is hidden in the Genesis Block of a message. We try, to decipher this. To this end, we proceed as follows:

  • First of all, we go back on the Blockchain to the beginning of it all
  • A little further down a longer string in hex-format can be found under the “Coinbase”. It starts with 04ff….
  • Ultimately, we see here, what is the meaning of this Code. For those who want to find out yourself, is the work done but also almost. It’s just, this Hexcode in ASCII is now to convert the Format. You can do this with various Tools on the Internet (eg. this), Mac/Unix Users can use the Bash:
    echo 04FFFF001D0104455468652054696D65732030332F4A616E2F32303039204368616E63656C6C6F722 06F6E206272696E6B206F66207365636F6E64206261696722062616E6B73 | xxd -r -pd -r -pp
  • And so we get the legendary hidden message of Satoshi Nakamoto.

In the Blockchain you can find on this and similar way, different hidden messages to. If you want to search for yourself, you can find these messages on different pages. Unfortunately, they are, among other things, as in March 2018 in an article more accurately classified, a witness to the darker sides of humanity. There are also prayers, Tribute to David Bowie or quotes from the Cthulu Mythos in the Bitcoin Blockchain.

Write messages

All well and good, but how do we get messages on the Blockchain? A relatively simple way via a transaction. You can do this via web services or, what do we do now here, it’s self-perform:

  • To do this, one thinks of a string with 20 characters.
  • This string to convert to hex format. Using the Bash we would like to get the fast:
    echo, A 20-character Text.| xxd -p
    If you use the Bash, is to ignore the last Byte (0x0a) – in good German, you can ignore the last two characters.
  • Finally, we need to convert these hex strings in an address. A simple way the Blockchain website offers:
  • Now we have a potential Bitcoin address, which carries encrypted a short message. If we transfer now this little money, it is (as yet non-existent) address part of the Blockchain.

One thing is to say: Since it so far – luckily! – still no way to generate a Private Key from the Public key, the money is now lost. So you should only send a little money.

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