Hans Vanaken is not in The Smartest Man In the World

Just made the coach, his selection known for the national football team in the Nations League against Iceland and Switzerland. Hans Vanaken, midfielder at Club Brugge, is going to bring to the national honour to defend. And that has its consequences for the selection of Erik Van Looy:

“’It was written in the stars: Hans Vanaken is currently so brilliant on the football pitch that he had to be selected. And the Red Devils are busy, busy, busy, making the agenda-moderate really is impossible to The Smartest Man In the World. No Hans Vanaken so in our quiz this year, but his replacement: ex-Red Devil Jelle Van Damme, is currently very strong, and still the team of my heart. Finally a Antwerpspeler in The Smartest Man in the World: I look eagerly forward to it…’says Erik Van Looy.

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