Groenendijk confirms: Beugelsdijk next to it against AZ

Tom Beugelsdijk

“Tom is normally for me a basisspeler”, says Groenendijk. “But these are the laws of football simply if your defender. Also Tom is often involved in goals. He also has quite some maps to get caught (seven in ten duels, already matching his total of last season, red.). Now is the moment that Sunday he didn’t play, since he must respond to it. I am a fan of the player Tom Beugelsdijk. I love that kind of players, he is also in my heart. He knows that’s part of the process. If I the development see of Shaquille Pinas or Nick Kuipers, see training, and I occasionally also to look around.”


Groenendijk see that the defender is struggling with, for example, the entrance of the VAR, which means that every transgression under a magnifying glass. “He needs to get used to the new guidelines, for him, is that sometimes ‘vervarrend’, so to speak”, see the coach. “That is started with the penalty at Heracles. I can say that he most of his cards on the basis of reputation. He also sees NAC-Heracles, where two purple cards must be given that there is not. It is for him to get used to the new guidelines, which by the way, he is not about whining. We accept it, respect it, but find it also. He must make the step that he is clean learn to defend without an offense about needing to go. If successful, he remains an excellent defender for us.”

Beugelsdijk was this week notified of the decision of his coach. “I don’t expect that he me in my arms and fly. I am always a trainer who communicates with and also someone who will bring the message if that’s not fun. Tom must react and show that he’s just a great defender in the Premier league.”

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