Good year for French wine growers

PARIS – French wine growers have a good year behind us. According to the French ministry of Agriculture with the harvest of this year, over a quarter more wine can be made in comparison with the previous year.

The wine is good this year, so let it come!

According to the estimate of the ministry will be the production, which will be released this year on 46,55 million hectolitres. That was a year before 36,83 million hectolitres. Went 2017 the books as the least years since 1957. For all the French wines is that the production on an annual basis, substantially higher.

In a recent report of the international wijnorganisatie was an excellent vintage for the French predicted. Still France, despite the strong production growth, Italy still have to let you go as the largest wine producer in the world. The wine production in Italy is expected to rise by 14 per cent to 48.5 million hectolitres.

Spanish winemakers know according to the organization, an excellent year in comparison with a year earlier. The wine production in the country is expected to be 26 percent to 40,9 million hectolitres.

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