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“Friends” are forcing New York to surrender its Private Keys

In New York a young man has been forced allegedly under torture of his supposed “friends” to surrender its Private Keys. The defense lawyer is insisting, meanwhile, on the presumption of innocence – the accused wanted to help.

Who holds currencies, Crypto, knows about the importance of the Private Keys. It is this key that makes it possible that you really can have its Bitcoin & co. You lose the Private Key, is the beauty of crypto-assets. This is the price for freedom, the “Be Your Own Bank”. As the New York Post on 6. November, told, knew, obviously, also four young New Yorkers should have forced your “friend” to surrender its Private Keys.

Friendship with evil consequences

After a night of drinking at 7. September brought the 25-year-old Stephen Orso, son of a wealthy Venture capitalist, together with his three friends, David, Leica, 19, Steven Dorn, 29, and Chris, David, 25, the drunken buddy Nicholas Truglia, 27, home. According to the criminal complaint, you were at 2:50 in his luxurious high-rise apartment arrived in the West 42nd Street. Rather than leave it at that, friendship, you should have Truglia, however, forced to reveal his Private Keys. From the court records showing that Osro Truglias held to the head in the bathtub under the water, him in the belly, hit him with the hot wax stuck.

The criminal friends had left about two hours after their arrival the building. Then Truglia noted that they had stolen his Laptop, two mobile phones and a USB Stick with the Private Keys. So far, it is unclear whether the men have hacked the Wallet or money stolen. Also on the Wallet located in the Cryptocurrency (or crypto-currencies) are so far unknown.

As the surveillance video shows, seems to be Leica “to hide a rectangular object under his Sweatshirt, a Laptop is like”, – stated in the indictment. Shortly thereafter, Truglia said his iPhone and could see that it was in the vicinity of the common apartment of the accused.

The next day, Leica sent back the iPhone, allegedly by Uber to Truglia, the Laptop he wants him to play. According to the court records, this was sprayed with wax, which speaks for Truglias Version of the story. However, Stacey Richman, the defense lawyers of all four defendants insisted, on the presumption of innocence. Also, you complained about the presentation of the incident in the media. She is convinced that the defendants simply wanted to bring your drunk friend home. Nevertheless, “friends were charged with” burglary in the second degree. The court date, to bring light into the darkness, for the 14. March scheduled to be held.

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