’EU wants to douanegrens in the Irish Sea’

LONDON – If there is no agreement about the brexit, the European Union wants a douanegrens set in the Irish Sea, between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom. So can Northern Ireland to stay part of the single market and the customs union and the land border with EU (Ireland opened. This is reported in The Times on the basis of a letter from the British prime minister Theresa May that the newspaper has seen.

By the letter of May go within the allied Democratic Unionist Party all the alarm bells off.

May sent the letter to the leaders of the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party, which her government supports. According to party leader Arlene Foster to go by the letter, “the alarm bells off.” A spokesman for May said in a comment that the prime minister will never approve in the United Kingdom in two customs territories will be divided up.

The border between Northern Ireland and Ireland is one of the biggest obstacles in the negotiations between the United Kingdom and the EU. Last Saturday, reported The Times that an agreement would be reached with the whole of the United Kingdom continues as part of the customs union.

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