Election results in Florida and Georgia discussion

The results of the mid-term elections in the U.S., both in Florida and in Georgia is disputed. In which first state there will likely be a recount, for both the senaatszetel as the governorship. The stemmenverschil between the candidates is too small. In Georgia refuses to accept the gouverneurskandidate for the Democrats, the African-American Stacey Abrams, her defeat to acknowledge. Against sitting governor Brian Kemp was the evening of the elections have already filed a complaint.

In Florida, the law states that when a stemmenverschil of less than half a percent between the candidates, an automatic recount must be done. With a difference of 0.25 percentage point, the recount even be done manually, and that may be weeks long. Such scenes played once in 2000, when the presidentsrace between Al Gore and George W. Bush. That last finally won the battle, after the intervention of the Supreme court.

It now appears that Democratic senator Bill Nelson just to 0.22 of a percentage point fewer votes behind his name than his Republican counterpart Rick Scott. That last proclaimed himself the victor. “But taking into account the size of Florida, we believe that the result of the elections is still not known and there is a recount is needed”, said the lawyer of Nelson on Thursday.

And also for the governorship in Florida is the nail biting. The Democratic candidate Andrew Gillum gave before his defeat, but notice now that there is still a lot of stembrieven not counted were more than initially thought. The difference between him and his Republican rival Ron DeSantis is minimal, with respectively 49,15% 49,62%. The team of Gillum does not exclude that they are still a recount will ask.

From Brian Kemp black voters to register in Georgia?

In the neighboring state of Georgia called Republican Brian Kemp himself Thursday to the winner. But his rival Stacey Abrams, who had hoped the first black female governor in the country to be, refuses to accept her defeat to acknowledge. According to her, abused Kemp his position as ‘secretary of state’ to certain voters from going to cast their vote. So could tens of thousands, especially black voters, may not register because of the increased legislation around their identification. There was a complaint filed against Kemp because of a conflict of interest.

The complainants ask that the sitting governor of a substitute indicates for Kemp for new elections to coordinate if the results are too close to each other. Abrams obtained 48,73 percent of the votes against 50,33 percent for Kemp. ‘But not all the votes have been counted. How can one then claim victory?’, according to her lawyer.

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