Doctors separate Conjoined twins from Bhutan

Doctors in Melbourne have a Siamese twin from Bhutan separated. The fifteen-month-old girls Nima and Dawa were from the trunk fused. It was, therefore, a very complex operation.

From preliminary investigation showed that the twins with a common liver. Also, their intestines were fused. The doctors did not know in advance whether their bodies are normal and could function.

Surgery to the sisters to separate, started Friday in the children’s hospital, Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. The surgery lasted six hours, and there were 36 specialists involved.

“The best thing about the surgery was that there are no complications you were’, said head of paediatrics doctor Joe Crameri. “It was actually very calm.’ The recovery is going well, the girls were of the ventilation achieved and stay not in intensive care. In the coming hours remain critical, and the most important thing is that the wounds heal well.

The operation was first planned for October, but was delayed because the children were not strong enough. The government of Victoria will pay for the surgery and recovery of the children, and the cost is estimated to be $ 350,000. The only pediatrician from Buthan, that the children had longer follow, was to Melbourne travelled for the operation to view. The mother of the children was also to Australia traveled.

In the same hospital was a few years ago a Siamese twins from Bangladesh successfully separated from each other. Bhutan, also known as the Himalayas is called, is one of the poorest countries in the world.

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