Community service for campaigners who are proof against Black Piet prevented

The group of Dutch activists that a year ago a highway in the province of Friesland blocked in order to prevent a demonstration against Zwarte Piet could take place, was Friday sentenced to community service. The figurehead behind the action also received a conditional prison sentence.

The campaigners were given a community service order, ascending from 80 to 200 hours, reports the NOS. The figurehead behind the action was found guilty of sedition, because they people has induced the snelwegblokkade. She is sentenced to community service of 240 hours and a suspended imprisonment of a month.

The court says in its judgment that the type had been able to know that they are a dangerous traffic situation created. She takes the the type also blame that by their action the anti-Piet protesters their right to demonstrate could no longer exercise. The blockage itself can, according to the court not be seen as a proof.

The blockade of the highway led last year to a long traffic jam and chaos on the A7 motorway near the town of Joure. Then followed weeks of controversy and tightly wound discussions between supporters and opponents of Zwarte Piet. Several Dutch mayors were even forced other protests against Zwarte Piet in their cities to prohibit.

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