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Clean: Vancouver green Bitcoin starts Mining

The DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc. working to operate a Bitcoin-Mining ecological sense. By the company cornered a significant share of your operation on hydropower, the energy problem of Bitcoin & co. DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc. is one of the largest operations of its kind in North America.

Bitcoin and the energy problem is a matter which is not easily tangible and even harder to do. Studies on the topic, there are now numerous, but in all of the certain factors. Nevertheless, there are currently Attempts to address the Problem. So also the DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc. from Canada.

The biggest Bitcoin Mining operation in North America

Because the company has started its operation mainly on hydropower. According to a press release, the crypto-currency to take from Vancouver has achieved it, in the meantime, to obtain 60 of 85 megawatts from hydropower. To hear your Offers, among other things, Mining-as-a-Service. According to its own information, the company is one of the largest Bitcoin miners in North America. In addition to Bitcoin, you can also Litecoin by the company’s mines.

The grounds on which the company Bitcoin and Litecoin operates Mining, includes 8.230 square meters of Land in British Columbia and promises, your respect of water power the energy needs of the surrounding community to charge:

“In the 71 years of the existence of Boundary Electric, we have never seen a demand in the electrical industry, the equivalent of what comes from the environment of crypto[currencies]. The possibility [of Boundary Electric], with DMG collaborate on projects, has brought her commitment to creative solutions for your industry in the foreground. The approach of the DMG for the design process emphasizes a partnership strategy that focuses on cost-effective solutions without compromising quality,“

Dave Evdokimoff, CEO of Boundary Electric explains.

Enough electricity for 50,000 households

As you can see from the press release, need DMG overall, so much energy, so theoretically, a town of 50,000 households.

“DMG is the proud owner is now one of the largest and most cost effective Bitcoin Mining installations in North America – and we do this in a responsible way [in cooperation] with the local population. It is a bold undertaking, but the management team of the DMG is for years in Bitcoin Mining, and we have the Know-how and the Connections to the supply companies and government authorities was to pull it off“,

Dan Reitzik, CEO of DMG Blockchain Solutions, said.

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