Brother of Boris Johnson resigns from government-May

Jo Johnson, the younger brother of ex-minister and brexiteer Boris Johnson, has resigned from his position as British minister of Transport. He says that he is the Brexit deal is no longer supportive, and he is calling for a new referendum. Johnson is just another minister who is departing.

The brother of Brexit-icon Boris Johnson disagreed with the agreement that prime minister Theresa May wants to close on the British departure from the European Union. He has it in a communication on ‘a terrible mistake’. ‘The United Kingdom is on the brink of the biggest crisis since the Second world War.’

According to Jo Johnson threatens the strategy May lead to a ‘non-coherent Brexit who are in a subordinate relationship with the European Union will close’. ‘What is now proposed is, looks nothing like what us two years ago was promised to us.’

He believes that the voters in the given circumstances again have their say should be able to do. ‘It is only democratic to the people the last word to give, ” says Johnson.

Crucial moment

Jo Johnson belonged in the Remain-camp and voted in the referendum of 2016 for Great Britain in the European Union. He is the brother of Boris Johnson, one of the figureheads of the brexiteers this summer, resigned as minister of Foreign Affairs. Brother Boris responds that he is his brother’s decision to support and says that together they ‘upset’ about the way the negotiations are.

The resignation comes at a crucial moment in the negotiations between Great Britain and the European Union. The Brexit negotiations go to the final phase. Premier May is currently the final touches on the agreement – she says that the deal is 95 percent around is – and review the results at its European colleagues.

There is already more than a year, negotiated an agreement that the division of property in an orderly way to arrange. A major bottleneck is the question of how the reintroduction of border controls between Ireland and Northern Ireland can be avoided after the Brexit. On 29 march next year to leave the British Union.

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