Brexit-minister target of criticism after the unfortunate ruling on the day of departure from EU

The British Brexit-minister Dominic Raab criticism after he said that until recently he actually did not realise that the Channel is so important for the British economy.

Raab made the ruling Thursday, during a lecture about the Brexit for representatives of the ICT sector. “I realized this until recently, actually not quite yet, but if you look at the goods in the United Kingdom to be traded, then we are particularly dependent on the Channel between Dover and Calais,’ said Raab.

“It is one of the reasons why we have a very close relationship with the EU to preserve, to frictionless trade at the border to ensure,” he continued. “I don’t think the average consumer is aware that most of the stuff in our stores, are dependent on one or two very specific trade routes.’

The opponents of the Brexit were clearly already aware of it, and responded with stunned. ‘How can it even come as a surprise to Dominic Raab that our main trade route, which route is closest to our main sales market is?’, tweette the popular British physicist Brian Cox.

“It is finally confirmed that the Brexiteers have no idea of what they are doing”, said Labour mep Jo Stevens. ‘Shocking statements.’

Economists already a long time worried about the consequences that Brexit could have for trade flows from and to the United Kingdom, especially in the case of a hard Brexit – so without agreement with Brussels. At the beginning of this year, was also the director of the port of Calais sounding the alarm. If the Brexit strict customs controls, that according to him lead to monsterfiles and possibly even food shortages.

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