Boss fire department calls workers ’Kannix Weetnix and Doetnix’

Vilvoorde, belgium – A fire chief that his employees are on Facebook for dom was destroying, it is deep by the dust gone.

Major Dirk Keymolen posted the message that he ” sometimes thinks in a strip of Asterix and Obelix to sit and surrounded by ’doetnix, kannix, wilnix and weetnix’. The 620 colleagues from the fire brigade, Flemish Brabant, West could not to laugh.

They now require excuses to their boss who was the director of human resources is of the spuitgasten. “Anyone who thinks that Keymolen, however, that he is?”, quotes The Newspaper one of them. “The major succeeds as a human resources director do not agree to the deficit of 45 man to fill.”

“Our ridicule on Facebook is going to make him better off. In addition: he is the human resources department. As we all onnozelaars would be, is he really the man who has acquired. Who then is the greatest Kannix?”

High-spirited moment

Keymolen has since apologized. “It was a stupid post that I placed after a high-spirited moment with us in the hr department. I saw the spell to pass, found him quite funny and posted it on my Facebook page. I have not thought of, but wanted to be sure no one schofferen. Because I know how hard our fire fighters have to work, and with what devotion. They do more than asked.” He calls it a ’bad joke’.

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