Blow for Trump: federal judge blocks construction a controversial oil pipeline

An American judge has the controversial oil pipeline Keystone XL – a 1.900-long pipeline from Canada oil to the united states, to perform, temporarily, blocked. According to the court, the White House has not been well studied what the negative impact of the oil strainer on the environment would be.

The Keystone XL project, the Us politics for years now. With that pipeline, the company wants to TransCanada daily to 830.000 barrels of tar sands oil through the U.S. to the coast of the Gulf of Mexico in Texas pumps. The plan has met with great protest from environmental organizations and native Americans.

The former American president, Barack Obama had Keystone XL to the trash reference. Two days after he became president, turned Donald Trump that decision, however, back with an executive order.

A federal judge in Montana has the building now once again blocked, albeit temporarily. Judge Brian Morris ruled that the White House is a lot better to study what the possible adverse effects of the project on, inter alia, the warming of the climate and endangered species. The existing research into the environmental impact of the oil pipeline that the White House currently uses, fulfils the requirements according to the judge, does not meet the standards.

“White House ignores the facts’

Also ruled Morris that the White House knowingly facts ignores’. So from previous research, even under president Obama carried out, all have come to the fore that the construction of the oil pipeline definitely has a negative impact on the climate. Nevertheless, it was Donald Trump that research off the table. ‘Factual findings on climate change were simply ignored, ” as judge of the court.

In addition, it was aware of “stale information” about the impact that any oil spills would have on endangered species, instead of new scientic data, ‘which, however, are available’.

At least year delay

The court’s decision does not mean that the Keystone XL project, final buried. However, should the American government his homework again. It is expected to enter a new inquiry at least a year will last. Until then, is the project still. Be that new studies are later found to be good, than can the light still be green.

‘However, this judgment is clear that TransCanada’s dream to be here for ever an oil pipeline to build a better store, ” says milieuadvocaat Doug Hayes in a press release. He represents a grouping of environmental organisations that the lawsuit against the project started. ‘Donald Trump tried to stop the American people from start to finish with a dirty oil pipeline, but now they can no longer ignore that this negative consequences it would have for our drinking water and climate.’

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