Beschuldiger Kavanaugh still threatened

WASHINGTON – The woman who was then a candidate-chief judge Brett Kavanaugh for a Senate committee accused of sexual misconduct, over a month later, still threatened. It also has Christine Blasey Ford her work at Palo Alto University are still not able to resume it, the messages the American media.

Christine Blasey Ford (right) and Brett Kavanaugh (left) .

Professor Blasey got through her testimony, reputation far beyond the United States. She declared that Kavanaugh her 36 years ago in a drunk mood on a bed pushed and tried her clothes off. Blasey wanted with her testimony prevent the right for life should be appointed in the supreme court.

Blasey told during the hearing about the death threats that she received. She has, according to her lawyers still need protection. The professor would be forced to at least four times of address are exchanged and had bodyguards to hire. Supporters raised tons for her security.

The emotional hearing with Blasey led to additional research to Kavanaugh, that the appointment is ultimately not stood in the way. There was no evidence that he is indeed guilty had made to sexual assault. Kavanaugh had the accusations are fiercely denied.

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