Bart De Pauw wants to know who on the basis of inquiry against him was

A television producer Bart De Pauw wants to know who on the basis of the investigation against him was. He wants this sealed envelope with testimonies compared to the safety officer of the VRT view, but the VRT refuses. The chamber of incrimination in Antwerp bowed yesterday behind closed doors on the matter and on 23 november a decision on this.

The Peacock nor his lawyer were present at the hearing of the case, where only the public prosecutor and the VRT parties. The VRT believes that the contents of those envelopes is covered by the obligation of professional secrecy, according to lawyer Tom Bauwens on The Latest News. The public prosecutor of Antwerp, section Mechelen, gave this morning no comment on the matter.

The case against Bart De Pauw broke a year ago, when it was announced that the VRT is the collaboration with the tv producer immediately had stopped. The Peacock came to himself with a video message to the outside which he said they did not know what it was and had never committed any physical assault. The complaints would go over flirty text messages. Several of the women reported later with similar stories.

The investigation against The Peacock is in a final stage, but there must first be a decision to be taken on the question to view the sealed documents before the court can come to any reference to a criminal court. The KI in Antwerp on november 23, her decision known. If the proposition of the VRT follows, it is expected that the dossier quickly for the court in Mechelen.

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