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Bart De Pauw wants to know what women around him were complaining and demands to be sealed testimonials to look into

Bart De Pauw (50) wants to know what women him betichten of unacceptable behaviour. For that reason, he requests access to the sealed envelopes with testimonials. The VRT resolutely refuses: ‘professional Secrecy professional secrecy’, it sounds. That reports The Latest News.

Tv-maker Bart De Pauw wants to know which women to the prevention advisor of the VRT during auditions and what they said about him. This is evident from a question from his attorney to be confidential testimonials to watch. The envelopes, with testimonials, in the search for VRT by the investigating judge taken into account, two days after the affair around The Peacock was begun. To date, only the investigating judge that testimonies will be able to view, but now asks The Peacock access to these documents.

His lawyer argued a few weeks ago that the security consultant of the VRT no secrecy. The hotline in question would be set up outside the welfare. For that reason it has that hotline, according to The Peacock and his lawyer have no legal status that professional secrecy must be guaranteed. The lawyer of the VRT put the heels in the sand. ‘It doesn’t matter if Bart De Pauw, or even the king asks for the obligation of professional secrecy to be lifted. That is internationally recognized. The law makes on that level, no distinction of rank or position, ” says Tom Bauwens.

On november 23, decides the chamber of incrimination (KI) what is with the sealed testimonies must be done. Or are they sealed and returned to VRT, or they remain sealed in the court file or they should be sealed.

Finally, it is still waiting on the final decision of the public prosecutor: Bart De Pauw committed a crime and he must, for the judge to come? May have to wait the public prosecutor on the decision of the KI on the sealed testimonies. If the AI has the documents sealed let, the case will probably fast for the judiciary.

What went before

The case against Bart De Pauw broke a year ago, when it was announced that the VRT is the collaboration with the tv producer immediately had stopped. The Peacock came to himself with a video message to the outside which he said they did not know what it was and had never committed any physical assault.

The reports go over a sustained flow of flirty and sexually charged text messages, stalking. Several of the women reported later with similar stories.

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