Austrian officer was spying for the Russians

VIENNA – The Austrian authorities suspect a former army officer, it decades for Russia of spying. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has Moscow, for clarification, asked, messages, Austrian media.

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has Moscow for clarification asked.

The lieutenant-colonel, who now is retired, would be about 300,000 euros have received confidential information. The first contact with the Russians is according to the newspaper Kronen Zeitung already been made in 1988. The Austrian authorities were the alleged spy on the trail after a tip from a foreign service.

“Such matters, regardless of whether they take place in the Netherlands or Austria, the relationship between Russia and the European Union is not that good,” says Kurz. The Dutch authorities earlier this year four Russian spies expelled, obviously the wifi network of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in The Hague wanted to invade.

A planned visit of the Austrian minister Karin Kneissl (Foreign Affairs) to Moscow because of the youngest, affair abandoned. That was actually the beginning of december must take place. Kneissl is a well-known Russian president Vladimir Putin, who, with her danced at her wedding.

The Russian minister Sergei Lavrov (Foreign Affairs) says “unpleasantly surprised”. He complains, according to news agency TASS that western countries are more and more often guilty of “megaphone diplomacy.” “They are accusations of the us publicly and demands clarification about something we do not know.”

Lavrov says that the Austrians also go directly to Moscow had to step with their concerns. His ministry because of the issue of the Austrian ambassador on the mat is called. “We will focus attention on the methods that should be used, if they have any questions for Russia,” says the minister.

Russia was in recent years repeatedly in the clinch with the west. The relationship ended by the annexation of the Crimea and the poisoning of Russian former spy Sergei Skripal in England. The Russians deny, incidentally, something about the assassination.

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