At least one dead in stabbing in central Melbourne

In the centre of the Australian city of Melbourne on Friday two people were injured by a stabbing. There was also one dead. Notify the police of the state of Victoria. The perpetrator was shot and is arrested.

The incident took place at the intersection of Bourke Street and Swanston Street, right in the centre of Melbourne. According to local media were the first explosions to hear. The police have said that they are around 16.20 hours local time (6.20 pm (Belgian time) was called for an autobrand. “When the agents on the ground arrived, they were confronted with a man with a knife that made them endangered,” says David Clayton of the police of the state of Victoria. Passers-by cried out that people had already been stabbed.

The perpetrator by one of the agents shot. “He was hit in the chest and is now in a critical condition and is under security in the hospital,” says Clayton. “Three people were stabbed, one in the place of the incident died. The other two victims are still in the hospital.’ The agents are unharmed.

For the time being, the police do not know of a link with terrorism, says Clayton. “We are still in a very early stage of the investigation.’ The police are looking for at this time also not to other offenders. She asks witnesses to report and video on the Facebook page of the police. The ontmijningsdienst is just a precaution on the spot come.

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