’Ashton Kutcher makes movie of Punk’d’

Ashton Kutcher

To the great emptiness that is behind it is preserved when the Jackass franchise came to an end, like Paramount and MTV to ll them with a movie version of Punk’d. According to sources, ban Bang Showbiz can Ashton not wait to here his collaboration grant. “Paramount wants to really love a movie based on the ‘pranks’ now Jackass is done. In the corridors is spoken that she is now with Kutcher are engaged. He is on the point to draw.”

Ashton makes no representations about the movie, because he doesn’t want potential victims that they are in Prank’d sit. “You can be such a film does not announce and then expect that there is enough good material is. If Ashton’s going to do this, he must also surely know that he can succeed. He has a long list of celebrities who he is as a victim shows including Drake and Kevin Hart.”

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