600.000 figurines demolished for some endangered salamanders

Ypres – to 600,000 by the Belgians gekleide figurines must be in Ieper be deleted because there are a few salamanders breed around the artwork.

600.000 figurines of clay, each one for a fallen soldier in world war I, must give way to a family of rare salamanders. Author Koen Vanmechelen frustrated.

The figurines, which are by up to 180,000 volunteers are made, a monument for the commemoration of the First world War. The 600,000 figures are for all victims in Belgium have fallen during the bloody battle between 1914 and 1918. The monument was the last month by 250,000 people visited.

The popular art installation Coming World Remember Me is located in the natural reserve The Palingbeek in Ieper. According to the Belgian Agency for Nature and Forest is going to be a ’valuable areas’. Marie-Laure Vanwanseele of the Nature and Forest Agency told The Newspaper that there is never permission for a permanent work of art.

The dismantling of the ’Coming World’ happens because on the site, a family kamsalamanders’ lives. The nature lovers say that the family can only expand if there is quiet in the area. Also, there would be some bats and the rare honey buzzard flitter about.

Artist frustrated

Artist Koen Vanmechelen frustrated by the rigidity to a few newts. He had hoped that the images would rapidly be included in the clay from which they are made, and that the green they are overgrown.

The artist wants the statues now piece for piece to give away. “He or she should be the figurines to pass to the next generation of family or friends. So that they are within roughly a one hundred year once all the images together and the people to re-think,” he says in het Nieuwsblad.

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