White House: ‘Russia-the investigation continues after dismissal Sessions continue’

The Russia-investigation of special prosecutor Robert Mueller to the supposed influence of the American election of 2016 by Moscow continues to proceed, despite the upheaval at the ministry of Justice. That said spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway of the White House Thursday on Fox News in which an attempt seems to bring the Democrats to reassure.

“I think it’s very commendable and it is remarkable that the president in favor of is that the investigation goes,” said Conway.

Barely a day after the midterms dismissed president Trump his Justice minister, Jeff Sessions. It was Sessions himself that the dismissal announced. He was forced to a call of Trumps chief of staff John F. Kelly.

Trump ran Sessions though for months openly to insult: he finds his minister are nothing worth, since that itself (of necessity) has barred as the competent minister for the Russia-investigation led by special prosecutor Robert Mueller.

Conway Thursday that the resignation of minister of Justice Jeff Sessions, there ‘been a while coming, ” and that his relationship with president Trump in a very ‘loaded’. She pointed out that deputy minister of Justice Rob Rosenstein quit his job.


Sessions is replaced by his own chief of staff, Matthew Whitaker. That was as a legal commentator – for he moved into the White House – are very dismissive of the research of Mueller and advised the lawyers of the president to not to cooperate.

The appointment of Whitaker leaves little doubt about the intentions of the president: Mueller the mouth of the cords, just now, it is expected that any time the president may sue in the investigation of Russian interference in the presidential elections. Mueller waited, after all, a professional, don something to make it known until the elections were over.

The research of Mueller focuses on the possible influence of the last presidential elections by Moscow and is extended to the Trump campaign itself about possible contacts with foreign officials. That led to an investigation of the finances of Trump.

The timing of the decision to use Sessions to discharge, woke up yesterday and immediately two strong presumptions: that Mueller really matters is to know that Trump is absolutely out of the public eye want to keep, and Trump after these elections less scruples than ever to controversial decisions.

Own research to Trump

Democrats ask Whitaker that he denied would explain. They threaten it itself a research to Trump to start now they are the majority in the House of Representatives have achieved at the mid-term elections.

Whitaker has, according to the Washington Post already made it clear that he has no intention to itself incompetent to declare.

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