VTM NEWS is working on series of around wetsdokters

In command of VTM NEWS works production house PIT! to Wetsdokters, a new reportagereeks about the intriguing work of wetsdokters, an important link in the work of the police and the court. We see wetsdokters often popping up in fictiereeksen, but the general public in Flanders know not what their job actually entails.

“It is the first time that a number of leading wetsdokters from Flanders, an in-depth look behind the scenes award. With VTM NEWS, we want to give insight in their complex world. We find out what a law doctor does exactly, and in what cases he or she for a breakthrough. And ask the man how they personally cope with the often difficult and (in)human stories where they are confronted with. These questions bring us to the hand of true cases. That makes this series so tangible, revealing and unique.” – An Goovaerts and Nicholas Lataire, editors-in-chief VTM NEWS.

To the series 5 Flemish wetsdokters: Dr. Evy De Boosere (UZAntwerpen), dr. Wim Develter (UZLeuven/Sacred Heart Lyre), dr. Diona D’hondt (UZAntwerpen), professor dr Wim Van de Voorde (UZLeuven), professor dr. Werner Jacobs (UZAntwerpen). Their work area includes Limburg, Antwerp, East-Flanders, Flemish-Brabant and Brussels.

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