’UEFA is thinking of the accelerated input VAR in the Champions League”

Raheem Sterling goes on the more awkward way to the ground, but get a penalty kick.

Possible that stage for the decisive push.

Previously had already the European champions have indicated that the VAR in the season 2019/2020 its appearance would make in the Champions League, but the scare for large arbitration blunders and the positive experiences on the soccer world cup have the bobo’s in the UEFA think.

According to the BBC, they are thinking for the past few weeks to an accelerated implementation of the videoref: this season still. That would be anyway after the group stage must happen.

Possible gives the huge blunder from referee Viktor Kassei, who in a stumble, Raheem Sterling, incomprehensible a penalty saw the file so the decisive push.

The Executive Committee of UEFA, will be out in early december again together. Then there would be a decision can be taken about the deployment of the videoref in the most prestigious clubcompetitie in the world.

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