Two Flemish films nominated for the European Animation Awards

The Flemish films ‘Bloeistraat 11′ of Nienke Deutz, and ” Ce magnifique gâteau!’ by Emma De Swaef and Marc James Roels have nominations in the wait dragged on for Emile Awards, also known as the European Animation Awards (EAA). That today reports the Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF). Also the Flemish co-productions ‘Funan, Another Day of Life’ and ‘Captain Morten and the Spider Queen are nominated.

The EAA’s were in 2017 be awarded for the first time and are a crowning achievement for the European animation field, with awards in 18 categories. The prizes will be on december 8, presented in Lille.

In total, today 90 nominations were announced. Thereof 13 to Flemish productions and co-productions. ‘Bloeistraat 11″ and ” Ce magnifique gâteau!’ are both nominated in the category Best Direction in an Animated Short Film. ‘Another Day of Life’ has been nominated in the categories Best Direction, Best Background & Character Design, Best Writing, Best Sound Design and Best Soundtrack. ‘Funan’, won four nominations in the waiting: Best Direction, Best Background & Character Design, Best Writing and Best Sound Design. Finally, it is also ‘Captain Morten and the Spider Queen’ is nominated twice in the categories Best Direction and Best Character Animation.

‘Bloeistraat 11’ is a short animated film about two young girls who are inseparable until puberty their friendship to the test begins.

“Ce magnifique gâteau!’, a medium, stop-motion animated film, tells the story of five characters in the colonial Africa at the end of the 19th century. For the recordings brought the creators eight months in the animation of Beast Animation.

‘Another Day of Life’, a Polish-Belgian-Spanish co-production, is a hybrid documentary by Raúl de la Fuente and Damian Nenow, in which archival images are mixed with animation and live-action elements. The film tells the story of a journey that the Polish sterjournalist Ryszard Kapuscinski in 1975 made in Angola.

‘Funan’, a Belgian-French-Luxembourg-Cambodian co-production, is about a young family in Cambodia who is torn by the forces of Pol Pot during the brutal invasion of the Khmer rouge in 1975.

In ‘Captain Morten and the Spider Queen’, a Belgian-Estonian-Irish-British co-production, the ten-year-old Morten, which are days spent daydreaming, and speelgoedschepen build. On a day becomes a magician Morten accidentally in an insect and begins an exciting adventure with a spinnenkoningin and a schorpioenpiraat.

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