Trump dismisses attorney general john Sessions

WASHINGTON – The Us president, Donald Trump has attorney general john Jeff Sessions fired. Trump made the dismissal of Sessions known via Twitter. The relationship between Sessions and Trump was already months difficult.

Trump made the dismissal of Sessions known via Twitter.

Trump has repeatedly in Sessions called for a special prosecutor Robert Mueller to a halt. Mueller examines the Russian influence the American elections in 2016. Sessions withdrew early last year from that research because he himself discredited was moved due to contacts with the Russian ambassador in the USA. He wanted every appearance of partiality is avoided, î he said. Trump was not pleased and said that he and Sessions would never have been appointed if he had known.

The new minister of Justice has his hands free to supervise the FBI investigation. Democrats are afraid that Trump, through the new minister, the research wants to influence. Provisionally takes chief of staff Matthew Whitaker as attorney general john. Later appoints Trump a new minister.

The dismissal of Sessions was not unexpected. At the end of August let Trump know that Sessions at least until the november elections should continue.

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