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To buy 3 easy ways to Bitcoin

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and some other crypto-currencies have a variety of investors very rich made and could still be many other investors a lot of money.

The purchase of Bitcoin can run simple and straightforward. But you should be always aware that you can’t expect crypto-currencies overnight millionaire. After mentioned, to explain, we need you to do what you to finally get started. Normally, it is easy to buy a Bitcoin or Ethereum with Fiat money and changes, if required, on Exchanges against other crypto-currencies.

Bitcoin is a 2009-founded Peer-to-Peer network that uses a virtual currency, Bitcoin, for the Transmission of transactions. In contrast to the traditional money system, there is the case of Bitcoin there is no Central instance, which can engage in the transaction management. The Bitcoin network is used by all users as a transfer instrument. In order to be part of the Bitcoin network, you have to buy so Bitcoins, you will need a Wallet.

There is three ways to get Bitcoins

Prerequisites: Some Exchanges require identity papers and other proof of identity for the legitimation verification (KYC). As soon as you have changed its Fiat money for Bitcoins or other crypto-currencies, you can exchange them at will, on such Exchange against other crypto-currencies.

Another method is the direct exchange of Fiat currencies, such as GBP or EUR in Bitcoin (BTC). For example, if someone wants to sell BTC at a certain price and is willing to accept a Bank transfer, can be kept the BTC until receipt of payment in a trust account. This variant is not recommended in General, since there are some security risks, because of which the risk of fraud is extremely high. If someone contacts you Strange and claims he wants to buy Bitcoins, be careful, it is most likely a Scam. If someone is proposing money for Bitcoins, without important information such as a Name and Bitcoin address you, then the probability is high that he is trying to cheat you. To have a verse at the end in a direct sale, never the Bitcoins without a proof of payment.

Nowadays, many companies and service providers have begun to accept Bitcoin as payment. To Accept Bitcoins as a means of payment, can be for small businesses and the self-employed, such as, for example, dentists, advantageous, since the acceptance will cost you no money. Merchants can avoid chargebacks, or disputes with credit card companies, since Bitcoin transactions are unchangeable.


The future of Bitcoin

In June 2018, the billionaire Tim Draper had predicted that Bitcoin will reach up to 2022 up to $ 250,000. He also said that “Fiat money a thing of the past” and Bitcoin is the future. He further stated that cryptographic forms of Money will increase the speed of money transfers, the current currency market will increase in the next 10 years to about 140 trillion dollars, and this development will take place in the cryptographic area.

Disclaimer: This post should not be considered a recommendation to buy. The crypto market is full of Surprises and overrated projects. Do your research thoroughly before you buy something. Invest never more than you can lose.

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