The Lie: ’He should not at my elbow run’

Matthijs de ligt

“The first half was really not good enough,” said the defender across from Veronica. “We didn’t come to the game that we always play. We had agreed to get the Ball around to play, because they had to come. But I find it amazing how we teruggeknokt.”

The Is made a couple of big violations. “It is necessary to be so keen to play. It should be on the edge,” said the Orange international. For Eduardo Salvio meant a collision with The Is even end game. “Then he must but not on my elbow yesterday.”

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Onana had a leading role in the Lisbon, by a large error. This allowed Benfica the lead. “In the rest, we have said that we have nobody blame you”, said The Is. “He makes a error, but takes crosses and corners. In the last minute, he takes a ball which is enormously important for the rest of the season.”

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