The Body of Coppens raw

In the sixth season of The Body of Coppens have the Staff and Mathias not only their nerves and their stamina to the test, but also their body itself. To the delight of the viewers, because over the last few months took the program an average of 672.000 viewers (live+7) and 30.7% of the market share VVA 18-54.

In this tenth and last episode take Staff and Mathias you behind the scenes of their program and they look back on the most spectacular challenges of the series.

The series began with a completely renewed body of Coppens. Literally, because in the first episodes went Staff and Mathias in search of the perfect body. With a six pack. Later the brothers went from the ground with a homemade balloon, they went into the Do It Yourself boat Zinc Pink to the bottom of a lake in Bruges and they had a lot of fun with some well-known women and men in the Ardennes.

The Body of Coppens, Thursday at 20.35 on VTM.

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