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Thailand want to check via Blockchain, taxes, and pushing for more regulation

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Matthias Nemack –

Because many other countries could take maybe an example: Thailand has not only created long regulations for crypto-Coins. The country would now trust with tax audits on the Blockchain.

Member of the government would like to offer consumers better protection

Currencies, from Bitcoin to Litecoin in many countries in Asia now have a much higher priority than in many Parts of Europe. While still within the Grand coalition, such as regulation around crypto-currencies can appearance and should be, is Thailand in this regard, a good step further. Since the beginning of this year, there are rules and regulations for the fast-growing market. According to Wissanu Krea-ngam, in his capacity of Deputy Prime Minister, it needs but even more targets for the trade and use of digital currencies. The legislation should, in particular, be in the interests of better consumer protection to the environment be corrected.

Tax fraud is complicated by the Blockchain

Currently, Thailand’s tax authorities announced, according to local media, the use of the Blockchain in the future in payment of taxes. The technology will come in the course of an optimised control mechanisms. The same should apply according to the Reports, the possibilities of artificial intelligence, which are also to be found in the future use. Both technological approaches are intended to come to Bear to a tax audit with a view on the validity of the payments, as well as on the subject of refunds, as the tax office Director-General Ekniti Nitithanprapas of the week was in mid-speak. Parallel to this, tax fraud is to be placed by the Blockchain the craft. Acute influence on the courses will not have the messages safely. The interest of many a new User, but this could be due to the better protection quite aroused.

Thai politics is in favour of global regulatory efforts

The demands for more control and better regulations refer, in this connection, by the way, not only on the crypto-market. Politicians Krea-ngam, in its opinion, in the Thai press for a faster creation of policy and legislative changes in foreign countries.

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