Support of celebrity’s are not perfect for verkiezingskandidaten

At each verkiezingsslag in the United States, there are celebrities who openly support their preferred candidates and hope that the fans their example will follow in the voting booth. From the results of the mid-term elections proved this week, however, that the support of celebrity’s certainly no guarantee of success.

Quite a few stars remained Tuesday disappointed, after the announcement of the election results, as we read in the American media. The candidates for whom they are months and months of voting, tried to recruit, were in many cases not deliver.

Beyoncé had at the last moment still expressed support for the Democratic candidate-senator for Texas, Beto O’rourke. Also rapper Travis Scott and actor Lin-Manuel Miranda had hoped that O’rourke his Republican rival Ted Cruz would beat, but the opposite happened.

In Florida tried Rihanna in vain to Democrat Andrew Gillum in the gouverneursstoel to get. Stacey Adams, also a Democrat, could count on the support of an impressive list of celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, Diddy and Will Ferrell. Also they could be her backing, however, not to redeem, causing the controversial Republican Brian kemp, governor of Georgia.

Finally, it could also be Taylor Swift, her favorite candidate is not a victory help. She was, however, a lot of attention by her silence around politics to break with a striking picture, on which she together with her mother and American vlagjes posed in a verkiezingsbord for Democratic candidate senator Phil Bredesen. That last had, however, to the thumbs lay against his Republican opponent.

A number of Republicans could not resist the temptation to after the unsuccessful celebrity campaigns demonstrate any gloating on social media. “It seems day @taylorswift13 still terrible taste in men. CONGRATULATIONS, @VoteMarsha!”, tweette conservative commentator Candace Owens yesterday.

Taylor Swift turned out to be not only on losing horses to bet on. Jim Cooper, the Democrat who she supported in his election campaign for a seat in the House of Representatives, knew, in turn, be a convincing win.

Celebrity support for political candidates is not a recent phenomenon. So did Warren Harding already in the 20’s of the last century a presidential election to win thanks to the support of a whole host of movie stars from that period. In 1960 gave John f. Kennedy the support of, among others, Sammy Davis Junior and Dean Martin.

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