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Spektakelmusical 40-45 runs wrong: the audience is sent home after four breakdowns

Visitors of spektakelmusical 40-45 could Wednesday night not to enjoy the concert in Puurs. The show was up to four times to shut down, then Studio 100 the audience sent home. ‘Due to technical problems we couldn’t have a good show guarantee, ” she said apologetically by the microphone.

The hall was full to bursting, when the opening of 40-45 fog went. During a scene with an impressive oorlogsvliegtuig went wrong. A breakdown disturbed the spectacle and after a few minutes, it was the musical re-started. Hopeful looked 1.660 visitors, but an hour later fell again to the technique. The actors retreated into the wings, and then with good courage for a new attempt. At the climax with the train ended the show early and in a minor key.

Spectacle, but differently than expected

“We have tried to make the technical problems to solve, but that is unfortunately only partially succeeded. Ten minutes before the end we noticed that we no longer could. Therefore, we have decided to bring the show to cancel, confirms Studio 100-spokesman Jan Peter Boodts to The Newspaper Online.

That got the visitors to hear, and the sold-out hall leegliep. ‘They have us a free drink is offered and continued to make their excuses. First, there was nothing said about new tickets. Later in the lounge confirmed that she was contacting, so we still the full spectacle would be able to see, ” says a visitor. Each visitor will get the chance to see the show in one whole view, confirms Boodts.

No danger for future

Studio 100 hopes as soon as possible the technical defects to solve. ‘The other performances this week are not in danger, that can normally continue. 40-45 is a great technical spectacle, it is in such productions that occasionally something can go wrong. We find that quite a shame and apologize, but have full confidence in a good outcome’, decision Studio 100.

In 40-45 play musicalsterren such as Jelle Cleymans and Jonas Van Geel is a gripping story about the Second world War. They do this in an impressive animated backdrop, to which the audience looks from eight wheeled stands in a grand hangar. The music everyone gets to hear it through a headset, which Studio 100 optimum sound quality to ensure. Prices for the spectacle of 49,95 euro 94,95 euro for the best seats.

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