Spanish police: murder at premier prevent

MADRID – Spanish police say that an assassination attempt on the Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez prevent. The Catalan newspaper el Périodico reports that the 63-year-old suspect Manuel Murillo Sánchez is hot and used to be a top athlete. He won in the nineties a lot of races, including the ultra-marathons of 100 kilometres.

The Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez.

The defendant would the 46-year-old socialist prime minister would have wanted to kill him, because the government plans the body to move ex-dictator Franco in 1975, died. The remains of the dictator are in a large mausoleum near Madrid. According to the newspaper el periódico headline was his father in the 60’s and 70’s mayor in Vallés Occidental near Barcelona, and was a supporter of Franco.

In the house of the suspect in the Catalan place of Terrassa police found sixteen firearms. He had a weapons permit and worked for a private security company. According to Spanish media he has his murder scheme in a group on WhatsApp has been announced. He is already three weeks, but police and justice in Barcelona made the arrest only on Thursday known.

According to the president of the local archery club in Terrassa is Sánchez , a downright mediocre shooter”. How advanced his murder plans were, is unclear. The man would be a past of mental problems and in extreme right-wing circles of exclusion, message el Périodico.

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